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Karole Kennedy

Australian Author

Born in England, raised in New Zealand and now residing in the beautiful, yet harsh Australia.

The books I bring to you come from life experience and the odd imagined drama. These Inspirational books have been written with love, dedication and many hours at a computer screen. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved creating them.


Scars of the Heart

Adrian Templeton scarred physically and emotionally, craves to live a normal life away from his domineering and somewhat hateful mother. After accepting a job offer, he meets Ellen Gerber a woman with considerable years age difference.

Can Adrian and Ellen rise above judgmental people and societyís criticism to live a fulfilled and happy life together?

Filled with drama, suspense and Godís infinite wisdom and love, follow their trials and tribulations.

Will ending it all be the answer or will Ellen find a way to track Adrian down after his disappearance.

Fly To Me

When tragic circumstances force Johno Masterton to care for his unwed sister and family farm in the harsh Australian outback, he fights despair and frustration. He yearns to follow his lifelong dream to be a pilot, but can see no way until a freak accident frees him from his responsibilities. His life takes yet another unexpected turn. He doesn't bank on falling in love with one of the townships' nurses, Emma Jacobs, and embarking on a long distance relationship. Emma and Johno's relationship is thwarted from the beginning with complicated decisions and slowly revealed secrets unfold, bringing to them both tears and gut wrenching soul searching. Through months of flying back and forth from the Northern part of Australia to Melbourne, Johno realized where his heart lays and does everything within his power, with the help of God to bring peace and happiness to both him and the woman he loves.

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Fly to Me

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Scars† of the Heart

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